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What should I know about contraception?

28.04.2020 klo 10:46 - Produced by Family Federation of Finland
People, relationships and ways to have sex are diverse. Everyone has the right to information and advice on safe sex according to their own needs.

In sex, a sense of security often arises from the feeling of being heard and respected in terms of own boundaries and self-determination. Everyone also has the right to change their minds and withdraw from sex at any time. Sexual acts always require consent.

In addition to having sex that is based own desire and consent, the use of contraceptives often enhances sexual pleasure and the sense of security in sex.

Protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

In principle, any sex, in which people’s secretions and mucous membranes are in contact with one another, has the potential to transmit an STD. If you have not had sex with anyone before, you cannot have an STD.

If you have had sex with anyone other than yourself and want to protect yourself from STDs,  always use a condom / oral sex protection. If sex toys are used, take appropriate care of cleaning and protecting them. Always remember the use of contraception in anal sex, because intestinal bacteria can cause inflammation when they get elsewhere in the body.

If contraception is not used or fails, it is worth getting tested for STDs. Getting tested for STDs provides you with information on your STD status – that is, whether you have a disease or not. It is also advisable to get tested for STDs regularly as your partners change.

Birth control

If pregnancy is not on your wish list, any method of birth control should be used in every penile-vaginal intercourse. Often the first method of contraception is a condom, as it protects against both pregnancy and STDs. It is also the easiest to acquire.

There are many different hormonal birth control methods. They are currently available to someone with a uterus and ovaries. You can find a suitable contraceptive method by discussing it with your nurse or doctor.

If you have problems or forget about using birth control, you should resort to emergency contraception. The emergency contraceptive pill is less effective than other contraceptives, so it is intended for emergencies only.

The best way to protect yourself from both pregnancy and STDs is to use double contraception. Double contraception refers to hormonal birth control to prevent pregnancy (e.g. oral contraceptive) and condom/oral sex protection.

If you want to discuss  safe sex further, you can book an appointment with a nurse or doctor at a health centre. For more detailed guidance on the practices in your municipality, contact your school health nurse, visit your municipality website, or call the health centre.

Youth Service Experts, the Family Federation of Finland

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