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Privacy policy

Register And Privacy Policy

Hyvä Kysymys Online Service User Register, the Family Federation of Finland

version 1.0, published on 7.11.2018


The Family Federation of Finland, Business ID 0202602-8

Kalevankatu 16, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

Technical Platform Administration:

Geniem Oy, Business ID 1639413-9

Sumeliuksenkatu 18 B, 33100 Tampere, Finland

Registrar Contact Person

Data Protection Officer, lawyer Arto Nikkarinen,, tel. +358 50 5113580

Kalevankatu 16, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

Register Name

Hyvä kysymys online service user register

Purpose of Processing Personal Data

The purpose of processing personal data in the Hyvä kysymys online service is:

  • providing and enabling access to the online service
  • statistics on the use of the online service
  • implementation of material orders
  • implementation of feedback surveys
  • helpdesk
  • implementation of the assessment process
  • implementation of targeted marketing

Processed Data

Registering for Hyvä kysymys online service, participating in activities, submitting material orders, and participating in feedback surveys is always voluntary.

  • When registering, the user will be asked for an email address and a nickname.
  • When ordering materials, the user will be asked for a name, phone number, email address and postal address.
  • In response to feedback and assessment surveys, the user may be asked for their gender, age, municipality of residence and working status.
  • Helpdesk may ask the user for phone number and email.
  • In the event of raffles, the user may choose to submit their name, phone number and email address.
  • Accumulated user activity information on the Hyvä kysymys online service.
  • User consent to the storage and processing of data when using the Hyvä kysymys online service.
  • Any other data collected with the consent of the data subject.
  • Hyvä kysymys online service statistics for planning, training, evaluating and developing activities.


The Family Federation of Finland collects, processes and analyses information related to the use of their websites. Web traffic data is information that is related to the visitors on the website and processed in the telecommunications networks for the purpose of sending, distributing and disclosing messages. We use cookies and other similar technologies to conduct marketing efforts, provide a better customer experience online, monitor analytics on our website, and provide the user with the most engaging content possible. The data is not used to identify individuals.

The technologies used to monitor and streamline the use of the online service are identifying but anonymous. The technologies are very common and are used by nearly all online services. The Hyvä kysymys online service uses third-party cookies. These include Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, which are Google’s analytics tools. They help determine how visitors interact with the site.

You can view and manage your privacy settings in your browser settings. Cookies and their acceptance criteria can be viewed and modified in the browser settings.

Data Sources

  • Information provided by the user.
  • Hyvä kysymys online service administration and executing personnel: Information that may be collected from the user in the course of interaction between the user and the personnel.
  • Technologies used to monitor and streamline the use of the online service.

Disclosure of Data

User’s personal data will only be disclosed if the registrar is required to do so by law or for other compelling reasons. The user will be asked for separate consent for the disclosure of register data if the user data is to be used for other purposes.

Hyvä kysymys online service is administered by the Family Federation of Finland. The information content and services of the online service are provided in cooperation with contract partners. Content providers and administrators of the Hyvä kysymys online service disclose the data contained in the user register or the data collected from the user in the user-personnel interaction to third parties in the following cases:

  • Report of an offence -> police
  • Emergency -> emergency services
  • Child welfare notification -> child welfare authority

According to the Child Welfare Act, the following persons are required to make a child welfare notification: persons employed in social and health care sector, providers of other social and health care services and health care professionals. Child welfare notification must be given whenever an employee discovers or becomes aware of a reason that requires investigating the need for child welfare services of a child under 18 years of age. The information may also come from a third party.

Transfer of Data Outside the EU or the EEA

The data is not disclosed outside the EU or European Economic Area.

Principles of Register Protection

By accessing the Hyvä kysymys online service, the user expressly consents to the processing of the data contained in the register. Consent is given by accepting the register and Privacy Policy, by continuing to use the online service, by accepting “I agree to the terms of use” attached to the functionalities, and by submitting the form.

Consent can be revoked by contacting the Data Protection Officer of the Family Federation of Finland by e-mail: or by sending a written notice to Väestöliitto ry, the Family Federation of Finland / Hyvä kysymys data protection, Kalevankatu 16, PO Box 849, 00100 Helsinki, Finland.

Designated persons are authorized to use the personal data system. Each user has their own username and password for logging in. The data is collected in databases, which are protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical means. Only authorized employees who have a duty of confidentiality with regard to all non-public and confidential information they receive, even after the termination of the service relationship, are entitled to access the Hyvä kysymys online service user register. Employees have the right to process only such register data they immediately need to perform their duties.

Retention of Register Data

Hyvä kysymys online service user register data is stored on the www.hyvä database or sent directly to the employee’s email. We will retain personal data for as long as is necessary for the purpose for which the personal data is used. Register data is retained for 6 months or until the data subject personally asks to be removed from the register. The user’s register data is processed in the same manner whether or not the user participates in the services and activities of the Hyvä kysymys online service.

User register data processed without the user’s explicit consent in order to enable the services of the Hyvä kysymys online service is retained until the customer relationship is deemed terminated. If required by law, regulation or other compelling reasons, the user register data will be retained for a longer period of time.

Access rights to the Hyvä kysymys online service are based on personal usernames and passwords and their use is monitored. Each user is determined what information they can see and process based on their job description. The access rights expire when such person leaves the job.

Informing the Data Subject

The Privacy Policy of Hyvä kysymys online service user register is available at:

  • the Hyvä kysymys online service, bottom of the page in ‘Register and Privacy Policy’
  • upon request from the register administrator

The contract organisations’ privacy policies can be found on the website of each service provider.

Inspection Right

The data subject has the right to inspect the personal data stored in the personal data register and to request the correction or deletion of incorrect data if there are legitimate grounds for doing so. The data subject also has the right to revoke or amend the consent. According to the General Data Protection Regulation, the data subject has the right to oppose or request a restriction on the processing of data and to lodge a complaint against the processing of personal data with the supervisory authority.

The data subject may submit a request for access to the register personally or in writing by letter, email or in person by submitting a written request for inspection of the register data to the Data Protection Officer of the Family Federation of Finland. The identity of the data subject shall be verified prior to the disclosure data. The data will be disclosed without undue delay. Any refusal of access shall be subject to a written certificate.

Anyone seeking to exercise the inspection right may refer the matter to the EDPS (European Data Protection Supervisor) for consideration and evaluation, upon receipt of a written justification. The inspection right is free of charge once a year, otherwise a reasonable fee based on the direct cost of the inspection will be charged.

Correction of Register Data

The data subject has the right to obtain correction, erasure or supplementation of data which is inaccurate, unnecessary, incomplete or out of date in relation to the processing of the data in the register without undue delay. Requests for personal data correction are requested by email to the contact person by written request for correction of the register.

The registrar shall, on its own initiative or at the request of the data subject, correct, delete or supplement, without delay, any personal data contained in the register which is inaccurate, unnecessary, incomplete or out of date for the purpose of processing. A request for correction shall be addressed to the registry administrator. It is up to the registrar to correct the data.

Other Rights Related to the Processing of Personal Data

Data for direct marketing, market and opinion polling, personal records and genealogical research will not be disclosed without the consent of the data subject.

Amendments to the Privacy Policy

In the event of amendments to the Privacy Policy of the Hyvä kysymys online service, such amendments shall be posted on the policy dated. If the amendments are significant, the amendments are informed also in other ways, such as posting a notice on our site.