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Accessibility Policy

Hyvä kysymys – online service and accessibility

The accessibility of the online service means that as many people as possible can use the online service as easily as possible. The WCAG criteria are used to determine accessibility. There are three levels of accessibility: A, AA and AAA.

Hyvä kysymys online service is partly produced with a grant granted by STEA consisting of Veikkaus income. It is therefore bound by the EU Accessibility Directive and the Act on the Provision of Digital Services (in Finnish), which entered into force on 1 April 2019.

Attention has been paid to the accessibility of the Hyvä kysymys online service in the tendering, design and implementation phases. The website is constantly being developed in an effort to achieve and maintain the WCAG 2.1 criteria A and AA required by Finnish legislation. Read more about the WCAG 2.1 criteria on the website of World Wide Web Consortium W3C and the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland (in Finnish).

The accessibility policy for Hyvä kysymys online service was prepared on 13 March 2019 and was updated on 11 November 2019, 24 August 2020 and 15 March 2021. The information in the accessibility policy is based on Annanpura Oy’s accessibility testing report for the beta version of the online service (17 December 2018), automatic audit reports from the current production version of the site with the Siteimprove’s accessibility tool, and the technical implementer Geniem Oy’s improvement reports. You can read more about accessibility testing and monitoring at the end of this policy.


Hyvä kysymys – online service accessibility status

Hyvä kysymys online service largely meets the A and AA level accessibility requirements based on the audit performed on it and the continuous automatic monitoring.

According to Annanpura, the general level of visual design and ease of use of the site is good. Although the service has a very large amount of content, it is clearly structured and the user is offered several different ways to access the same content depending on the person’s own needs and perspective. In most views, there is not enough content available at a time, so the user’s cognitive load does not grow too large. Some of the content types have been implemented in stages.

Hyvä kysymys online service also technically largely meets the A and AA level accessibility requirements.


Known and to be remedied shortcomings

The shortcomings identified in the audit of the development version of the online service were rectified by 23 September 2019. The current production version is a larger entity than the development version. It still has shortcomings in the visibility of the service as well as in the documents published on the website.


The following WCAG 2.1. The criteria for A and AA level accessibility are not yet met:


Not all audio files have a text equivalent.


Not all videos have subtitles or text equivalent.


  • Electronic files

The accessibility requirements also apply to files published on the online service. Not all PDF files published on the service are yet fully accessible.


Further actions

The accessibility of the service is being continuously improved on the basis of reports from automatic monitoring and user feedback, in line with WCAG 2.1.level A and AA criteria.


Providing accessibility feedback

If you notice accessibility issues with Hyvä kysymys online service, please provide feedback to the webmaster first. Feedback can be provided by using this feedback form. Feedback form can also be found

  • in the online service footer
  • In the main menu, as well as
  • at the bottom of the homepage and listing pages

On the feedback form, tick the section “Accessibility” to the question “What is your feedback about?”. Enter your feedback in the text field. Project manager of the NGO-digi project / Hyvä kysymys online service of the Family Federation of Finland is responsible for processing accessibility feedback.

The reply may take 14 days. If you are not satisfied with the reply you have received or do not receive a reply at all within two weeks, you can report it to the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland. The website of the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland explains in detail how the notification can be made and how the matter is handled. Read more about your rights on the website of the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland (in Finnish).


Contact details of the supervisory authority

Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland
Accessibility Monitoring Unit
telephone number, switch +358 295 016 000


How is the accessibility of Hyvä kysymys online service tested and monitored?

Hyvä kysymys online service was released as a development version (beta) on 9 November 2018. The first external expert accessibility test was performed for the development version of the online service in November-December 2018. Accessibility testing was performed by Annanpura Oy.

Hyvä kysymys online service was tested to the extent it was at the time of testing. The testing included:

  • general use of the service with desktop and mobile browsers
  • search function and search results page, registration, login to the service, my profile page, quick feedback, content sharing to social media channels
  • front page, aggregation pages for target groups, topics and services
  • of services: chat function (group chat and private chat), articles, videos, podcasts, tests, assignments and courses.
  • use of the site with screen reading software

In addition to sensory impairments, the test also noted various motor problems and cognitive impairment.

The testing assessed the accessibility of the technical implementation of the site, the structure and ease of use of the pages, and the accessibility and comprehensibility of the content. The site was evaluated for assistive software used by the blind and visually impaired, and the functionality of the site was investigated using other methods used by the visually impaired.

The pages were extensively tested with the most common screen readers used by the visually impaired, including Jaws and NVDA on Windows and Voiceover on iOS. In addition to these, combinations of Microsoft Edge + Narrator, macOS Safari + Voiceover, and Chrome + Talkback on the Android system were used for testing.

Testing was based on the WCAG 2.0 accessibility standard. The ease of use of the sites was also assessed using guidelines and testing heuristics developed by various disability organizations.

The testing was supported by the Wave Web Accessibility Tool extension of Firefox and the Achecker online service, which mechanically checks the accessibility of the HTML code.

The combination of these methods enabled the testing to verify both the technical accessibility of the site and its actual accessibility to users belonging to specific groups.

In December 2019, the first production version of the service was released, in which the online service had been supplemented with the following services: phones, service cards, discussion groups, lectures, a question-and-answer column, and an on-call chat.

In august 2020, the service introduced the Siteimprove tool, which goes through the site and generates a report every two weeks on the non-standard implementations of WCAG 2.1 found on the service. The report is the basis for continuous improvements to the online service.