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Privacy Policy | Cookies and other data set on your device

Cookies and scripts are small text files that websites can use for a variety of purposes. They are like small programs that run on our website during your visit and collect various data about your device and you, such as what pages you read, what functions you use, and what searches you perform on the website. Collecting this data also helps our partners target marketing as we learn what content you like and what you do not. They also enable certain things, such as registering, logging in and forwarding messages in conversations. We use cookies and software installed on your device for three different purposes:

  1. website functionalities (essential cookies)
  2. statistics on the number of visitors and their behaviour on the website (statistical cookies, Google Analytics)
  3. marketing purposes (marketing cookies, Google Ads, Youtube)

We may use the cookies and scripts referred to in item 1 in accordance with the law, if it is absolutely necessary for the operation of the website. Thus, you cannot select whether to use them or not. However, we only use this data ourselves, and we do not pass on your data to anyone through it, nor do we use it for marketing or statistical purposes. If you have blocked these cookies in your browser settings, the pages may not work properly.

Items 2 and 3 will only be processed with your consent. We need your consent to use these cookies and scripts, as well as to retrieve content from elsewhere (e.g. videos from You tube), when your personal data is transferred to other companies at the same time.

The statistical cookies referred to in item 2 help us, as the website owner, to understand how users arrive at our website, what they read, what functions they use and what content is searched from our website by collecting and reporting data anonymously.

The marketing cookies referred to in item 3 are used to track visitors at websites. The objective is for our marketing partner (Google) to be able to show you ads that are relevant and interesting across the Internet – not just on our own pages. Your data will be transferred to Google so advertising can be targeted to you on websites other than ours. In addition to behavioural data, virtually only a network address and a unique identifier created of you are transferred from the website, which the marketing partner can associate with data collected about you elsewhere to form your own profile. We do not see network addresses, names, identifiers, or any other personally identifying data about you.

You can change or revoke your consent on our website through cookie management page or through browser settings.

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