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What do you do on a date?

28.04.2020 klo 10:54 - Produced by Family Federation of Finland
A successful date is a great experience. At best, a good date leaves a great memory, at worst it remains an unpleasant experience. Sometimes the date does not lead to anything and it does not evoke any greater emotions. Sometimes the date is a start of a new relationship, or you may remain just friends. You can go for a walk, cinema, ice cream, play something or have a meal on a date.

Asking someone out for a date is often super exciting. You do not have to date alone, but it can also be a meeting with a group of friends. People can meet each other, for example, at events, cafes and malls of their locality. You may ask your date for a walk, bowling or hang out somewhere else. If the gaming world is a thing that unites you, perhaps the first moments of the dates may revolve around gaming.

A little special something at some point in dating ensures that you will be remembered. Do you go for a walk? – Buy some buns that you can eat during your walk in a beautiful spot along the way. Do you go to the cinema? Suggest that you raffle the movie you go see. The movie experience may either be totally awful that you may laugh about together, or it may be really fun and entertaining.

Dates are situations in which people who are potentially interested in one another get to know each other. Sometimes the date atmosphere can feel a bit awkward. This is often due to the fact that you are so well aware of NOW BEING on a date. Often this feeling disappears over time as you get to know each other and the tension decreases. Or not. If you are dating a person with whom you feel really tense and stressed, you should talk to someone and think about the reasons behind it.  On the other hand, dates and being together can feel very natural right away.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to develop topics for discussion in a dating situation. In that situation, you should ask questions about the other person’s life, such as hobbies, family, or things they like. This paints a picture of you as a good listener and gives you time to think about what you would like to tell or talk about.

You can flirt during the date. The purpose of flirting is to test the ground for whether you evoke positive feeling in the other and if they were interested in you.  Flirting requires discretion as excessive bluntness or gross overreaction will result in a full blow and bad mood for both. Flirting should feel good both ways around.

When chemistry works, it is one of the coolest feelings! When you fall in love, you are encouraged to tell the other person how you really feel and what you would like to happen next. It may be a wish that you want to see them again. Tell them about it.

It is common that at some point during dating you may want to grab hold of hand, hug or even kiss – they may predict this and be on the same page with you, but cannot read your mind. Therefore, it is a good idea to ask if you may hug or give a kiss – and respect the answer. Be prepared for the fact that you may not want the same things, or at the same pace.

Also, dating does not have to lead to a relationship or more serious dating. Sometimes a date only happens once and getting to know each other stops there, that is normal too.

Youth Service Experts, the Family Federation of Finland

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