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Privacy Statement | Chats

As a chat participant, a bit more data is collected about you than about an average visitor. The purpose of the processing of data is to ensure the operation of chat services. This data will not be processed about you unless you participate in chats.

Your browser stores information about the nickname you use in chats. Other users will also see your nickname, but will not receive any other information about you.

If you book an appointment for a chat, the subject of the chat, information about the chat audience and the time of the appointment, as well as the email address with which you booked the chat will also be saved. The information is visible to the organizer and administrators of the chat, but not to others.

Log data of chats is shown to the chat participants in the chat view until you leave the chat. All log data is automatically deleted from the online service database once a day.

To protect your privacy, use a non-identifiable nickname and email address in our chats. After the chat, you should also clear your browser’s cache if you do not want your chat history or nickname to be visible to other users on the same computer.

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