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Keeping your love alive

24.02.2022 klo 20:24 - Written by Väestöliitto the Family Federation of Finland in collaboration with the Finnish Association of Couple Therapy , psychologist Lotta Heiskanen , Family Federation of Finland
The purpose of this exercise is to think about how to keep your love alive in your everyday lives.
  • Plan a daily ritual that will show your partner how important they are to you. Share your plan with your partner.
  • Plan a ritual together for your relationship.
  • When you think about the history of your relationship, can you think of a moment that made you feel particularly close to each other; a moment you remember fondly and that gives you a sense of safe belonging? Please tell your partner about this moment.
  • Write an outline of the story of your long-lasting, durable relationship. Write down the main events of how you got your relationship back on track – how did you two resolve a difficult issue in your relationship and how did you strengthen the safety of your relationship?
  • What are you currently grateful for in your relationship?
  • Create your future love story describing what you would like your relationship to look like in 5 or 10 years.

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