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How does puberty affect emotions?

28.04.2020 klo 14:36 - Produced by Family Federation of Finland
Young people's emotional lives can be put to a test because of the hormones of puberty. Through emotions and reactions in the body, young people take control over their bodies and sexuality. This is an important part of growth and development! As a result of puberty hormones, the body and mind may react in a new way to the environment and to familiar people.

The average duration of puberty is three to six years. Puberty is about gradual growth and development. Indeed, it has been said that few adults would survive a period such as puberty in the same way that young people survive. In puberty, managing emotions may suddenly be really difficult and emotions can instantly sway from joy to sadness, from aggression to unexplained despair.

As young people grow up, there may be changes in the circle of friends as the interests change.  On the other hand, friendships that last well into adulthood can also be established during adolescence.

Conflict of emotions

It is common for versatile feelings to arise during puberty.  Old and familiar hobbies or favourite music, or even people may suddenly seem boring or embarrassing. During puberty, you gradually detach from your parents. This is an important stage in our lives. Youth is a time of gradual independence, and at times, the detachment from the growth environment happens fiercely.

The relationship of adolescents to the immediate adults may vary, and young people may wish to be close to trusted adults within a short period of time, but at the same time they have the need to keep a distance to them.

However, young people need and long for adult help and support well into adulthood. However, it is possible to maintain good and respectful relationships, although sometimes this period of independence can evoke a wide range of emotions throughout the family.  Each young person is their own, magnificent individual, and even puberty does not automatically involve arguments or rebellion against the parents and teachers. The individual characteristics, temperament and social relationships of young people influence how they cope with the changes brought about by puberty.

Authors: Youth Service Experts, the Family Federation of Finland

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