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Daily Life In A Family With Multiples

Published 28.04.2020 - Produced by Suomen Monikkoperheet ry
Compared with a single-baby family, daily life in a family with multiples can be more demanding. On the other hand, despite the higher workload, the amount of joy is also doubled or tripled. In this section, we discuss daily routines in multiple birth families, giving attention to siblings of multiples, making necessary purchases, and supporting the individuality of twins or triplets.

Regular routines

At first, babies do not follow a regular daily rhythm. Regular routines and anticipation often make daily life easier in a family with small children. Even though multiple babies may have very different individual rhythms, in certain situations it is wise to get them into the same daily pattern. Regular daily routines for eating, going out and sleeping make the babies feel safe, and they learn to know the difference between day and night. In addition, growing children benefit from a regular daily rhythm. Regular routines often promote the parents’ well-being, providing regular moments of rest while the babies are napping.

Many parents with multiples consider regular routines very important for smoother daily life. This may, for example, mean regular routines for going out or going to bed.

video: Life with 3-month-old twins

video: Children in the same daily rhythm

video: Multiples can have the same rythm and routine

Paying attention to siblings

If there are older children in the family, you should consider in advance how to ensure that they also receive attention. Twins and triplets will attract attention and admiration from their environment, and the older siblings may be left watching from the side. The parents are fully occupied with the basic care of the babies. Therefore, it is important to plan your daily life so that the older children also have the opportunity for their parents’ undivided attention.

video: How to support other children in families with multiples?

What baby items should we buy?

It is a good idea to plan necessary purchases of baby items well in advance during pregnancy. Other families with multiples can give you useful tips (contact your nearest local branch of the Multiple Births Association), and internet/social media discussion forums can also be a good source of advice.

Purchases can often be a considerable financial burden. Remember that you do not have to buy all baby items new. Local branches of the Multiple Births Association, flea markets and internet auctions are examples of places where you can find used items to buy. When buying used items, keep in mind the useful life of the item and the availability of parts that wear.

The most common and useful baby items to buy and things to consider:


– Who will use it? Dimensions?

– Storage: is it foldable/easy to dismantle and put together?

– Does it have to fit in the boot of a car? Measure and check the width before buying.

– Does it fit in the lift? A foldable handle is handy.

– Where will you use it most frequently? Which is more convenient, twin or tandem?

– Large wheels make it easier to push on uneven or soft terrain.

– Delivery times may vary; be prepared for a long wait.

– Remember the availability of spare parts for used prams and buggies.


Car seats and baby bouncers

– Necessary in the car; easier to feed the baby on visits, etc.

– A baby bouncer is a great help for a parent attending to babies alone, giving them free hands.

– Drive your car to the shop when shopping for safety seats, particularly if you have to fit three in the back seat.

– Used safety seats may not be safe and this is difficult to check.



– At first, even triplets will fit in one cot bed.

– Maternity package boxes are fine as first beds.

– At the age of six months (approximately), putting the babies in their own cots reduces restlessness at night.


Baby care table

– Note the correct height and closeness to taps.

– Note the safety of the babies.


Breastfeeding aids

– Twin breastfeeding pillow or two large pillows

– Bottles

– Dummies

– Breast pump, manual/electric (may also be rented)

– Parents of triplets in particular recommend a baby bottle steriliser


video: What baby items should we buy?

Supporting the development of individual personality

Most parents with multiples are concerned about parenting and, in particular, the development of the children’s individual personalities. Especially in families with identical or same-sex children, parents should give some thought to how to distinguish between the children so that even outsiders can tell them apart. For the children themselves, it is extremely important that others can always tell them apart.

video: How to support the individual development of twins or triplets

video: See how Emmi and Jarmo have solved the parenting

video: Individual support

Questions and assignments:

What baby items should you purchase for your family before the babies arrive? Find out where you can purchase these items at affordable prices.

If you have a car or are going to buy one, is it large enough? Does the pram for your twins/triplets and the safety seats for all the children fit in the car?

Does the pram for your twins/triplets fit through the door of your home/storage room?

Discuss with your spouse how you expect your daily life to change after the babies are born.

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