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Parenthood is a whirlwind of emotions

Published 14.08.2023 - Produced by Family Federation of Finland
Parenthood evokes all kinds of emotions. The aim of this course is to develop your emotional skills as a parent and to help you to explore your own emotional reactions plus the messages and needs behind them. This can help to increase your wellbeing and satisfaction amid the hubbub of parenting. You can go through the entire course step by step or choose a section that interests you to read in more detail. If you are experiencing an acute crisis, please contact your municipality’s antenatal clinic or social services.

If you feel puzzled or want to share your worries and thoughts regarding your emotions raised by parenting, do not hesitate to call our help line 040 668 4101. Väestöliitto’s Perhepulma-helpline provides confidential conversational support free of charge for parents with young children. We support and give advice in questions related to wellbeing of parents, parenting, early childhood development as well as questions and problems related to parents relationships and sexuality. Our chats are anonymous and free of charge. For calls, you only pay the price of a regular call. Call our helpline to request for an appointment for conversational support: 040 668 4101

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Perhepulma - Support for parents free of charge

Väestöliitto - The Family Federation provides conversational support for parents with young children.