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What to do when faced with bullying?

27.04.2020 klo 12:06 - Produced by Family Federation of Finland
Bullying always causes malaise to the subject and may also have far-reaching effects on the subject’s well-being. Bullying is always wrong and disrespectful behaviour that nobody deserves.

How to identify bullying?

Bullying can be direct, such as name-calling and abuse, breaking or stealing someone’s belongings, or even violent behaviour towards the subject. Bullying can happen face-to-face as well as through the Internet or a cell phone, for example.

Indirect bullying is more difficult to detect. This includes, for example, spreading nasty or false rumours, speaking bad behind the back, discriminating against the subject and excluding the subject from the crowd, or sending nasty messages. It is also bullying to allow it to happen even if you did not actively participate in it yourself. The type of bullying is not significant, but how the subject feels about it.

A bully may seek the approval or appreciation of others by bullying. It is also possible that the bully has previously been bullied. Whatever the reason, it is worth thinking about why you bully and how would you would feel if you were bullied.

Bullying is never the subject’s fault

Bullying is never the subject’s fault, but the reasons for bullying always derives from the bully and can be manifold. A bully may relieve anxiety by bullying.

It is always the adult’s responsibility to resolve bullying.

If you bully or feel that you or your friend are being bullied, talk to your parents, school nurse, school curator or other safe adult.

Asking for help is never an inability to defend yourself, but an indication of courage and good self-esteem.

Youth Service Experts, the Family Federation of Finland

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