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Duo Divorce Online Course for Intercultural Couples and Families

Published 30.03.2023 - Produced by Familia ry
Intercultural divorce or separation can bring up unexpected issues for both partners. While the situation is usually not easy for either, partners from abroad might encounter additional problems such as the language barrier, unfamiliar bureaucratic procedures and the question whether they can and want to stay in Finland after the divorce.

The very beginning of a divorce process is often difficult and you might feel you are in a haze. The aim of this self-study course is to give you tools for the practical information needed, help for self-reflection, show some peer support – and offer links and organisations to help you more, while also having the intercultural aspect in mind.

This course is divided into 5 different themes, most containing an introduction to the theme, quotes from people who have experienced an intercultural divorce, videos to deepen the theme or give examples, links for more information and questions for you to ponder.

The themes are:

1.    Getting a divorce in Finland
What do I need to know about the practical and factual sides of divorce in Finland?
This theme explains shortly the legal prodecure and answers practical questions of different sides of how to get a divorce as well as gives links where you can find more information and help.

2.    Coping with divorce – How to do it?
How do I cope with divorce emotionally? Divorce changes your life permanently and often causes many hurdles. This theme discusses how to take the first steps into the new direction and your well-being.

3.    Children’s wellbeing
How will children cope with divorce?  How can I support my child? As a parent there are always little hearts involved that need a lot of caring during and after divorce.

4.    Parenting after the divorce
How do I share parenting and keep both cultures in the children’s lives? Co-parenting and raising an intercultural child demand often a lot of work, patience and information.

5.    Finding myself again
When most of the changing emotions and hurdles of a divorce are dealt with, it is time to look positively into the future. How do I find myself again and be confident? How is dating after divorce?

The last section of the course lists organizations and websites where you can find more help and support to get through your divorce.

This course is deleveloped with gathering information from different online sources: Familia ry, Terveyden ja hyvinvoinnin laitos, Mannerheimin lastensuojeluliitto, Ensi- ja turvakotien liitto, Kaapatut lapset ry, Väestöliitto,, Helsingin kaupunki,, Infofinland, Mental Health America, Mielenterveystalo. Youtube-videos are mostly gathered to have universal examples in English so most of them are not from Finland. Quotes have been gathered from a questionnaire for divorced intercultural families here in Finland in 2021 by Familia ry.

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