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Scheduled chats

Scheduled chat is a real-time, written conversation with an expert. Nickname is used for the conversation. Select a suitable time from the available appointments. Making a reservation requires a functioning email address to which a confirmation email will be sent. You must confirm your reservation within one hour by clicking the link in the confirmation email. After confirmation, reservation information will be sent to the same email address, as well as a link to access the chat at the agreed time. The email also includes a link to cancel the reservation. The cancellation will be notified to the expert. Please cancel your appointment if you cannot use it. If the expert has to cancel the reservation, a notification will be sent to the user’s email. Appointments, sign-up and cancellation links for Hyvä kysymys registered user will be logged under “My profile” (top right corner of the page). If the chat has already started, and it does not appear in the view that opens with your invitation link, please refresh the page.

You have already reserved an appointment. You can reserve only one appointment at once. If you want to change the appointment time remove appointment from your user profile and try again.

No appointments available.