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Group chats

Group chat is a real-time, written chat. Nickname is used for the conversation. The conversation is moderated by organisation experts or by trained peer educators. You can join the chat without logging in by giving yourself a nickname. Chat can also be used while logged in, with the username stored in your profile acting as the nickname. The conversations must be conducted in accordance with Finnish legislation and good practices. Conversations are moderated as needed.

Nyyti's chat on 22.10. from 6pm to 8pm: Hell is other people? Sanity and relationships.

22.10.202018:00 - 20:00

Do relationships wear you down? What is a healthy relationship? Are other people important for your...

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Nyyti's chat on 10.12. from 6 to 8 pm: Can you hear me, S.O.S?

10.12.202018:00 - 20:00

How are you feeling? Now with 2020 ending and post Covid-19, it's time to look back at this past...

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