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Babies sleeping outdoors

28.04.2020 klo 09:45 - Produced by Family Federation of Finland
Finnish children have had their naps outdoors in strollers for centuries, and this habit is nowadays more a rule rather than an exception for families with babies. Sleeping in the fresh outdoors air is highly recommended for anyone whose home is in a place where the baby stroller can be placed in a safe place with no busy motorway or such right around the corner.

Babies born in the summer can start outdoor activities as soon as they get home, as the outside temperature is pretty much the same as inside. Winter babies, on the other hand, will be familiarized to the cold outside little by little, and as a rule of thumb, in the winter, outdoor activities begin with a two-week-old baby and the time spent outdoors is gradually increased, starting with approximately fifteen minutes of outdoors time. For example, short trips to the shops with your baby can be done earlier as well. It is recommended that you do not go outdoors with a little baby if the temperature falls below -10°C. If your home has a very sheltered balcony or terrace, a little bigger baby who is used to the outdoors, may sleep on it well-dressed even in a little colder weather.

It is the parents’ responsibility to monitor the baby’s well-being outdoors so that the baby does not get too cold or too hot. You can check the body temperature on the baby’s neck. If the neck seems damp or sweaty, your baby probably has too much clothes on. In the summer, you should also remember not to leave the strollers in scorching sunshine, but they should be placed in a shady place. In the summer, it is also advisable to protect the strollers with anti-insect netting and make sure that cats or squirrels do not get into the strollers. Many also use a baby monitor in the stroller to make sure the baby is okay.

Author: Mirka Kallio, Health Nurse, previously worked for the Family Federation of Finland.

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