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4. Parenting Multiples with Ample Resources

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This section discusses your growth towards parenting of multiples, changes in the relationship between you and your partner/spouse, and the parents’ role in a multiple birth family. parenting multiples differs from growth towards single-baby parenting in many ways: an at-risk pregnancy and various worries and fears experienced by the parents characterise the start of their path to parenthood. The knowledge of expecting multiple babies can change the relationship between the parents.

Contradictory feelings related to pregnancy and parenthood are normal in any pregnancy. When you are expecting two or more babies, your feelings are often tinged with worries. You are most likely concerned about the mother’s well-being during pregnancy, the risks of pregnancy, financial challenges, the health of the expected babies and the course of labour. The responsibilities of parents and daily life with multiple babies may also be on your mind.

Compared with a single pregnancy, a multiple pregnancy puts more physical strain on the mother. Mothers expecting twins usually go on sick leave in week 28 of pregnancy and mothers expecting triplets even earlier, even if the course of pregnancy has been problem-free.

video: Parenting multiples with ample resources

Distribution of responsibilities between the parents

In a multiple birth family, the father shares parenthood equally with the mother. Not surprisingly, children in a multiple birth family are more likely to say that their father is just as close to them as their mother, compared with other families with children. Being together really works! This, of course, requires some effort – opportunities for growth are plenty for fathers and mothers alike. It is advisable for the father to accompany the mother on visits to the mother and child health clinic and hospital in order to receive support and information. Shared parenthood promotes growth into fatherhood.

Ample resources for parents with multiples include a strong relationship between the parents and equality in parenthood. The sharing of housework and childcare responsibilities promotes the well-being of the parents and increases their satisfaction with family life.

Pregnancy and the birth of multiple babies will always change the relationship between the parents. It is advisable to discuss these changes during pregnancy. The best start for a family is a situation in which both parents are committed to the idea of parenting.

video: Distribution of responsibilities between the parents

video: Is caring for twins very taxing?

video: Should the partner take the parental leave as soon as the babies come home?

Questions and assignments:

What do you expect from your spouse as a parent? How would you like your spouse to support you in parenting?

How do you think being a parent will change you?

What do you expect from the relationship between you and your spouse after the babies arrive? Discuss your hopes, expectations and fears.

What small shared moments with your spouse do you definitely not want to give up in your daily life? Discuss your wishes with your spouse.

Take some time, such as an evening, just for you two for pampering each other.

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